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About OPSI

Who we are

The Observatory for Public Sector Innovation (OPSI) works with governments to understand and encourage new approaches to address society’s complex problems and leverage its opportunities.

We value creativity, modernisation and a clear-eyed focus on citizens’ needs.

From our team’s first-hand experience working within government, we know that a public sector that reforms to attune itself to those values is one that creates sound policy, forges constructive partnerships and delivers better services.

The challenge

Yet, reform of this kind is not easy.

Governments are large, complex institutions. Too often, they are organised and staffed in a way that might have easily fulfilled yesterday’s requirements but are not nimble or equipped enough to address volatile and complex policy problems of today, let alone those of tomorrow.

The choice

Governments around the world face a choice.

In light of challenges that globalism and globalisation, growing economic inequality, climate change and disruptive technology bring, governments can continue with their ‘business-as-usual’ approach of piecemeal interventions, silos and slow (or no) uptake of new technology.

Or they can innovate.

They can connect and mobilise their different parts to generate holistic solutions, empower actors to be change makers and activate citizens to be co-designers of solutions for a more prosperous, productive, and inclusive future.

At this tipping point, what is stark is that the old ways of working, no longer work.

If governments do not reform themselves to innovate better and more systematically, they risk irrelevancy. They will fail to keep pace with the society they are supposed to govern and, ultimately, they will irreparably lose the trust of the public who deserve better.

The change

Promisingly, there are ‘pockets’ of change.

Many governments are already remaking themselves but, while many are making great strides with innovation, we need to see every one walking the walk.

What we do

OPSI champions wholescale change and helps governments find ways to turn the ‘new’ into the ‘normal’, so that innovation is not accidental but strategic and systemic. Our projects generate cutting-edge insights, surface exemplary case studies and best practice, and build skills.

Join us

If you are a leader who cares about your organisation’s capacity to achieve its mandate, a public manager who wants to empower staff or a public servant who wants the opportunity and support to find new ways to achieve outcomes, then OPSI wants to hear from and work with you.

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