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The Rural Support Service of Latvia (RSS) is responsible for the implementation of unified state and European Union support policy in the sector of agriculture, forestry, fisheries and rural development. The project was initiated by the need to reduce bureaucratic burden and help customers to receive support easy, quickly, without mistakes. RSS cooperated with different stakeholders, such as private sector organizations, service providers, clients and professionals from agricultural holdings.
The Investment and Development Agency of Latvia has developed a new communication platform with its audience - iNovuss, an open-air innovation festival that brings together multiple target groups and facilitates interaction between them, changing the perception of public service delivery. This festival allows to engage with the audience in a more cost effective way and mainly covers but is not limited to these topics - technology, innovation, tourism, education, research, exports and…
We often hear stories about the interpretations of laws and attitudes of public institutions. This year in Latvia for the first time the initiative “An Official Shadows an Entrepreneur” was launched, allowing for the public servant to broaden his view and “step into entrepreneur's shoes” to evaluate how the regulation is applied in practice and what requires further improvements. The initiative promotes a dialogue between the state and the business to reduce the administrative burden.
To encourage data-driven decision making in public sector, University of Latvia and Microsoft Innovation Center developed a “Data challenge” platform and methodology. Aim of the initiative is to bring together teams of public sector officials and data analysts and in few weeks to create several AI solution prototypes for a specific public sector challenge giving the organisation an opportunity to explore innovative, data-driven solutions that they eventually can develop and implement in…
Latvia’s E-index is the first national-level initiative helping central government institutions and municipalities to evaluate and recognize their level of digital transformation, foreseen solutions and learn from other institutions. This enables and motivates the development of the e-environment. Within the spirit of positive competition, the common goal is raising awareness of digital transformation, learning about policy and tools, and increasing quality and accessibility of services to…
EUIPO studies show that young people are lacking information on intellectual property, and the available information is presented in an ineffective way for the specific age group. Starting the new 2018/2019 school year in Latvia, general education, academic secondary education and vocational secondary education teachers will have the opportunity to integrate intellectual property issues in their lessons, thus contributing to the formation of a responsible and innovative new generation.
2018 was the year of reflection on the future of Europe. In order to understand the hopes and fears of citizens of Latvia regarding the future of European Union, more than 1500 citizens have been engaged in consultations that took place both in the regions of Latvia and online. Consultations were co-organized by state institutions and civil society organisations using various experimental formats.
Within the framework of the pilot project, the Register of Enterprises of the Republic of Latvia by using the artificial intelligence technologies established the innovative tool for the client service sector – virtual assistant UNA, which provides answers in writing, in Latvian to the frequently asked questions of the clients for 24/7h on the website of the Register of Enterprises as well as on the Facebook Messenger application of the Register of Enterprises.
The sick leave e-certificate was introduced to reduce the administrative burden related to the processing of sick-leave paper certificates, both for institutions and inhabitants, as well to provide complete data on issued certificates in Latvia. Since 2018 sick-leave certificate are issued only electronically in the national E-health system which provides processing and circulation of certificates electronically among health care institutions, patients, employees and social insurance…
In an increasingly divisive and polarised world, the annual nationwide Conversation festival LAMPA in Latvia has become an outstanding platform for discussing matters of societal concern about Latvia, Europe and the world in face-to-face conversations. Co-created by a diverse array of civil society organisations, public authorities and private companies, the festival opens up policy-making processes to wider audiences and creates an open platform for direct engagement among people in Latvia.