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A savings Program that is designed to encourage savings and financial literacy amongst Saudi children and providing financial inclusion for Young Saudi population (>18) from an early age and encouraging them to save and achieve their goals by providing attractive incentives and rewards and leveraging fintech best practices while applying behavioural economics.
Baia Mare has developed a community-driven approach to decontaminate heavy metal-polluted land using plants, addressing a critical public health issue. The project combines phytoremediation, smart mapping technology, and a digital reward system to encourage environmental action and sustainable development. This innovative model empowers citizens, improves urban health, and creates new green economic opportunities.
The National Internship Program, coordinated by the Presidency of the Republic of Türkiye Human Resources Office, is a nationwide program designed to assist youth employability and school-to-work transition. It involves all public institutions and voluntary employers with the aim of providing internship opportunities for university students with principles of equal opportunity and merit ensured by its platform. The Program helped and encouraged candidates to engage in activities for their…
Itla View is a digital tool to help local services for families with children to manage their activities better using up-to-date data, to anticipate the need for corrective services and identify opportunities for preventive work. It enables different actors to form a shared holistic picture of the well-being of children, young people and families in their area. Itla View collects observations sent by field actors on the daily lives of children and families. It utilizes artificial intelligence to…
In 2023, Estonia was the first in Europe to star using a nationwide food card, giving people the freedom to buy the food what they want and how they want. Aid is loaded on the card each quarter and must be used by the end of the quarter. If there is not enough money on the card, the remainder can be paid by bank card or cash (the balance can be checked on a receipt, at self-checkout or by customer service). Recipients in need have the autonomy to curate their own food baskets, tailoring their…
Good Coffee is a Vocational Engagement Enterprise that organises a chain of social cafes for people with complex psychosocial disabilities.  The cafes provide vocational rehabilitation on a work place and for some, introductory training is already given during their hospitalization in Mental Health Centers. The model enables continuity of care and transition between the realms of Health, Social Services and Employment. Good Coffee also reduces public funding, increases independent living and…
"Being new in Norway", is a prioritized life event in the Norwegian government`s digitization strategy aiming to: Provide a holistic and comprehensive public info to the newcomers as end-users Accelerate newcomers’ participation in work and society Increase public resources efficiency The website is addressing those goals and is a hub for accessing public information to newcomers We used foresight methodology to contribute to more long-term and sustainable service delivery.
In New Zealand, a new unit in the Ministry for the Environment / Manatū Mō Te Taiao was set up. This new unit was a deliberate decision to focus on behavioural science, systems thinking, design thinking and human system-dynamics to help the organisation, designing for the systems we focus on. It is innovative because it is bringing this type of thinking together in a single team, embedding this in a policy organisation, using the multidisciplinary skills.
UAsk, born from the need for seamless access to government services in the UAE, is an AI-powered chatbot transforming citizen engagement. Serving residents, businesses, and visitors, it leverages generative AI, particularly ChatGPT, for real-time, multilingual, and reliable information. Its innovation lies in delivering an inclusive, user-centric, and efficient digital experience, revolutionizing interactions with diverse government services within the digital governance realm.
The Small Business Development Corporation (SBDC) has embraced human-centred design to transform the way regulation is developed and applied for small businesses in Western Australia. The SBDC partnered with 22 local governments to deliver the Small Business Friendly Approvals Program, which involved reviewing the approvals journey from the small business’ perspective and designing reforms to streamline processes. The Program has ignited transformational change and made it easier to do…