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 What we do

We work with governments to help them understand and approach innovation better, though:

  • Highlighting and analysing major trends in public sector innovation
  • Evaluating how government systems are set up to support innovation
  • Engaging public servants at all levels on the different phases of innovation and delineating skills and tools useful to navigating each
  • Sharing practice and case studies of innovation at all levels of government

How we help

Cumulatively, our research, advisory services, case studies and toolkits give leaders, managers and practitioners a clear picture of what public sector innovation is and how government can start or accelerate it.

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Innovation toolkits

If innovation is to be systematised and supported across each of its phases, then public

Innovation lifecycle

While public servants may rarely know exactly what kind of innovation might solve a

Innovation trends

In the rapidly changing context of public sector innovation, staying abreast of key trends

Innovation measurement

  Transitioning from a state where no innovation occurs, to where it occurs incidentally,

Innovative cities

  Cities are fascinating loci of many ‘purpose-driven’ initiatives, often including many actors from

Innovation skills

  To reform the public sector so that it can deliver better value to

Systems thinking

Often there a gap between the kinds of problems governments must address and their