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Innovation measurement


Transitioning from a state where no innovation occurs, to where it occurs incidentally, to where it occurs systematically is not an overnight process. To take that journey, governments have to be ready and willing. They also need to be able to visualise what ‘innovation’ actually is and have ways of tracking its impact.

To understand the ‘readiness factors’, we research the specific, enabling preconditions which influence leaders, managers or practitioners to engage with system thinking and approaches to governance, connecting them to comparative measures the OECD can capture across its member countries. Additionally, we conceptualise the myriad forms of innovation ‘outcomes’ can take, so governments can more readily recognise the effect of their innovation efforts.

This area of research and practice is emergent. No watertight theories of change or clear-cut measures of success exist. This work helps qualify innovation system maturity and develop an understanding of innovation impact, so that governments can have a self-reflexive understanding of what they need to within their organisation to foster innovation better and have a common language around the impact of the change.

For this project, OPSI manages a public sector innovation measurement community, which surfaces case studies and examples to aid theory development.

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