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Innovation toolkits

If innovation is to be systematised and supported across each of its phases, then public servants need to learn the right skills and approaches.

Innovation toolkits, playbooks and guides exist to help people identify, develop and practice these necessary skills and new ways of reaching an outcome. However, an overwhelming plethora already exists. It can be difficult to know where to start or which one is suitable for each context or purpose.

To help innovators explore and choose the most useful toolkits, we curate and make them navigable in an online ‘meta-toolkit’ resource. This resource employs a common language around tools and innovation processes, describes how they work and includes guidance on how they could be used across different contexts, along with feedback from users who have tried them. We also provide in-person training and support to public servants wanting a more hands-on approach to understanding innovation processes, skills and which tools to deploy.

Access the growing compendium of innovation toolkits here.

To request advice or in-person training on suitable tools for you and your organisation, send us an email.