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What is this form?

Here you can submit a pre-registration of a project applying behavioural science to public policy. Pre-registration is a good practice when applying BI to public policy and when evaluating applications as it allows to prevent post-hoc interpretation of data and publication bias. To learn more about pre-registration principles, please check [link]

What will happen to my submission?

Your submission will be collected for the public good as a resource for behavioural science practitioners that will feed in a public repository of case studies. You will be able to choose whether you want the details of your project not to appear on the public pre-registration or the date when you eventually want it to be made public. By completing the submission, you agree to the OECD’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

Who can use this?

People who have applied behavioural insights to public policy.

Who should you contact for further information?

Dr Chiara Varazzani ([email protected])

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