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Turning the New into the Normal

Making innovation the role of every public servant

Turning the new into the normal

Mission Pillar #2

Studying innovation in different public sector contexts and investigating potential frameworks and methods to unleash creativity and innovation and ways to connect them with the day-to-day work of public servants.

Innovation Portfolios

Innovation portfolios serve to systematically steer different types of innovation within organisations and in wider ecosystems.

Mission-Oriented Innovation

Mission-oriented innovation supports the establishment of clear outcomes and overarching objectives for achieving a specific message.

Innovative Capacity

Treating innovation as a strategic and explicitly approach and assisting governments to enhance their public sector innovation capacity.

Behavioural Insights

Supporting the use of Behavioural Insights from policy design to implementation and evaluation.

Innovation Declaration

An OECD legal instrument helping governments and public organisations to inform and enhance innovation and its management.

Innovation Managenent

Supporting the systemic management of and support for innovation efforts in organisations.

Case Study Library

Explore hundreds of public sector case studies from all around the world and all levels of government.

Toolkit Navigator

A compendium of toolkits for public sector innovation and transformation.