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Behavioural Insights Knowledge Hub

Exploring Behavioural Insights around the world

Behavioural insights knowledge hub

about this resource

A suite of tools to support the global BI community and promote cross-border knowledge sharing, including interactive maps of BI units and projects and a portal for pre-registering experiments.

What is Behavioural Insights?

Behavioural Insights (BI) is an inductive approach to inform policy makers of the human behaviours driving economic and societal outcomes. Driven by experimentation and piloting, it combines insights from psychology, cognitive science and social science with empirically-tested results to discover how humans “actually” make choices.

OECD-OPSI has been at the forefront of supporting public institutions to apply BI to improve public policy, including in its design, implementation and evaluation. Our empirical approach includes researching context-specific behavioural drivers and barriers, systematically challenging assumptions and rigorously testing interventions before scaling.

To support BI knowledge-sharing and community building, OPSI developed an interactive map showcasing BI units and projects around the world as well as a pre-registration portal to enable BI practitioners to share pre-analysis plans at the early stages of experimentation and policy testing.

Explore the BI tools

BI Units Map

An interactive world map featuring organisations from around the world applying behavioural science to public policy.

BI Project Repository

An international repository and interactive map with ongoing and completed BI projects, experiments and case studies across different policy areas.

Pre-Registration Portal

A platform to pre-register ongoing behavioural science projects relating to public policy, enabling BI community members to share knowledge at the earliest and critical stages of BI experimentation and policy testing.