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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Updated: 1 August 2019

The OECD Observatory of Public Sector Innovation (OPSI) is committed to the protection of personal information of the users of its websites. OECD Staff and external processors who have access to personal information and are associated with the processing of that information are obligated to respect the privacy and confidentiality of information, consistent with the Decision of Secretary-General on the Protection of Individuals with Regard to the Processing of their Personal Data (Annex XII of the Staff Manual).

Information Collection

If you visit OPSI websites to read or download information, OPSI collects and stores the following information that is automatically recognised: the date and time, the originating IP address, the domain name, the type of browser and operating system used (if provided by the browser), the URL of the referring page (if provided by the browser), the object requested and the completion status of the request.

More information is collected and logged for advanced features, such as registering for the OPSI website, building a user profile, interacting with other uses of OPSI’s digital community, submitting a toolkit to OPSI’s Toolkit Navigator, submitting a case study to OPSI’s Case Study Platform, or subscribing to an OPSI newsletter.

Use of Collected Information

Anonymous information is collected from visits to OPSI websites to measure user activity on these websites. This includes analysing these logs periodically to measure the traffic through the servers, the number of pages visited and the level of demand for pages and topics of interest, and to help the OPSI provide better customer service. The logs may be preserved indefinitely and used at any time and in any way to prevent security breaches and to ensure the integrity of the data on the servers. This information is collected through the use of various technologies, including “cookies”.

Moreover, a number of fields are associated with the cookies, including: IP address, session number, user ID (first name, last name and job function). If the user has chosen to “Remember Me”, user items are encrypted and also associated with the cookie. When a registered OPSI user returns to the site without logging in, the ID stored in the cookie is used to track the user (unless the user manually deleted the cookie, at which point the server will automatically create another cookie). If you do not want your transaction details used in this manner, you can disable cookies in your browser.

Your Choice

Registration on OPSI websites is optional. If you choose not to register or actively provide personal information, you can still use OPSI websites. However, certain features that require registration may be unavailable (for example, engaging with other members of the digital community).

OPSI websites may enable you to communicate with other users and to post information accessible by others. You should be aware that when you choose to use these services, your information may be available to other users, and the OPSI has no control over the use of your information by these users.

You may also choose to receive promotional or marketing information from other organisations. When you do so, OPSI will only disclose your name and physical and electronic addresses to them. However, you should note that these organisations may follow privacy policies and practices which may be different from those of the OECD. At any time you can ask the OECD not to further disclose your name and addresses by sending an e-mail to [email protected].


Throughout the OPSI websites, you may find links to other third-party websites. Please note that OPSI is not responsible for the privacy policies or content on third-party websites. You are therefore encouraged to review their privacy policies, when visiting these websites.

Individual Access and Right to Correction

You can ask OPSI whether it is keeping personal information about you, and you can also request to receive a copy of that personal information. As a safeguard against abuse OPSI will ask you to provide proof of your identity before providing you with any personal information. If you are not able to do so, OPSI reserves the right to refuse to send you the personal information.

You may request at any time that OPSI corrects your personal information in its records. You may also request the deletion of such information, except when it has been collected for a specific purpose for which you have given your consent, for the performance of a contract to which you are a party, or in order to comply with a legal obligation. For such requests, please send an e-mail to [email protected].


If you have further queries or complaints related to the processing of your personal data, please contact:

Data Protection Officer
E-mail: [email protected]

For further assistance in resolving claims related to personal data protection please contact:

Data Protection Commissioner
E-mail: [email protected]