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OPSI releases a new call for case studies from city governments to identify success stories in local public sector innovation. Access the city space of OPSI and fill in the questionnaire online to share your story by November 15, 2016 (details in blog). We invite you to contribute to our innovation scan and submit innovative city practices on the OPSI submission form.  Case studies on what and what for? Cities have become the engine of...
Innovation in the public sector has a positive connotation and is regarded as an inherently good thing in many administrative contexts. But even when we acknowledge the act of doing something new is to be praised when it simplifies administrative processes, ensures better accountability for public resources and motivate employees, an important question remains. What is the impact of innovation on public sector change? Should we limit ourselves to measuring improvements in the machinery and...

Learning for Innovation

How does your organisation know when it needs an innovative response to a problem? How does it learn what the problems are? How does it learn for innovation? We are seeking your input on our ‘alpha’ version of a study on identifying problems and learning for innovation in the public sector. Public sector organisations are dealing with large and varied changes in their operating environment. Many traditional practices are no longer delivering the results that...