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Last week, I spoke about city innovation at SXSW (South by South West) festival as part of its inaugural Cities Summit program. SXSW is an annual design, technology, and innovation conference held in Texas. Typically viewed as a place for Silicon Valley startups to launch their latest disruptive product (like Twitter, which debuted there in 2007), SXSW is also getting a name for itself as a place where we have important conversations about public sector...
OPSI took advantage of the convening of public sector innovation leaders and practitioners at the November 2017 OPSI conference to host a workshop to learn how innovators approach new ways of doing things in their organisations. We learned a lot that will feed into development of our resources. We also want to offer you the tools and artifacts we used so that you can conduct a similar workshop. This blog post is part of a...
We suspect that the world does not need another toolkit. There, I said it. This hunch is reinforced when I am met with wincing but affirming smiles each time the topic emerges in conversation with public sector innovators. We want to move beyond the innovation toolkit Hi, my name is Angela Hanson, I am a design lead at the OECD Observatory of Public Sector Innovation (OPSI). My work involves innovation methods and tools, a topic...