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Innovators are encouraged to submit innovative practices to fuel new research on innovation trends and that can be considered for the UAE’s new Edge of Government Innovation Award. We have extended the deadline for submissions to 22 September 2017 based on feedback from the innovation community. After a successful collaboration over the last year, OPSI and the Mohammed Bin Rashid Centre for Government Innovation (MBRCGI) are happy to announce the continued collaboration and partnership for...

Remembering Innovation Month

This guest blog was written by Rob Thomas Communications Officer, BizLab, Australian Department of Industry, Innovation and Science “It is the responsibility of every APS officer to explore the opportunities that are available to you through initiatives such as Innovation Month, the innovation labs and teams…” – Glenys Beauchamp – Secretary, Australian Department of Industry, Innovation and Science Was Innovation Month really last month? At time of writing it feels like…
We here at OPSI recognise the value of celebrating innovation, regardless of whether the innovations are great successes or whether they are failures that we can all learn from. An increasingly popular way to celebrate innovation is through awards that can provide well-deserved recognition for innovative teams and projects, and sometimes even funding to help take innovations to the next level. They’re great for surfacing examples and for inspiring others but they can also leave...