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Open Government Enablers

These elements are important preconditions for developing open government strategies and initiatives, including political commitment, policy and legal frameworks; human, financial, and technical resources; access to data and information, stakeholder participation, and open government literacy.

These correspond to Provisions 1, 2, 3, 7 and 8 of the OECD Recommendation of the Council on Open Government.

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A platform for researchers to share findings and methodologies and a repository of theoretical and applied research on open and innovative governance techniques and tools. It includes: A platform for researchers to share findings and methodologies; A repository of theoretical and applied research on open and innovative governance techniques and tools; A diversity of publication types – from research reports and journal articles to books and dissertations; A taxonomy for browsing research by type of innovation, objective, region, sector or tool; The ability to submit new research for inclusion on the site; and A community for those interested and committed to studying the impact of governance innovations and a place for those with research questions to connect to those with projects to study.
The OGP Toolbox is a collaborative platform that gathers digital tools developed and used throughout the world by organizations to improve democracy and promote transparency, participation and collaboration. It is designed as a social network and includes use cases and tool "collections," technical criteria informed by the community and recommendations based on the experience of users that have already implemented existing solutions. The goals of the publisher and platform are to: - allow actors to identify the digital tools better suited to their needs, by collecting and describing them in the most objective way possible; - collaborate to make digital tools more accessible and easier to use; - create favourable conditions to further the development of better digital tools; and, - foster the sharing of experience between actors and giving feedback on existing tools.
The Engine Room
This resource is developed by and for open government influencers - civil servants and civil society representatives seeking to collaboratively make governance processes transparent, participatory and accountable. It is intended for those who want to be an open government influencer. The original guidance includes recommendations and experiences from experienced leaders in Europe and Central Asia. It follows the publishers' joint journeys in navigating challenges to creating an enabling environment for open government. It was developed based in insights and lessons from those journeys. The guidance follows three steps: 1) Reflect on constraints, build core competencies, 2) Identify and prioritise shared challenges; and 3) Develop processes for programs and policies It contains step-by-step guidance for facilitating conversations as well as avoiding common pitfalls.

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