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Open State

Open State is when the executive, legislature, judiciary, independent public institutions, and all levels of government- collaborate, exploit synergies, and share good practices and lessons learned to promote transparency, integrity, accountability, and stakeholder participation.

This corresponds to provision 10 of the OECD Recommendation of the Council on Open Government.

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United Kingdom Government
The publisher defines Open Policy Making as developing and delivering policy in a fast-paced and increasingly networked and digital world through collaborative approaches, new analytical techniques, and testing and iteratively improving policy. The manual includes information about Open Policy Making in the United Kingdom government as well as tools, step-by-step guidance and techniques policy makers can use to create more open and user led policy.
World Bank
A collection of online guidance and knowledge to assist countries and others in setting up open data strategies and platforms. The resource is comprised seven sections: Open Data Essentials, Starting an Open Data Initiative,Technology Options, Demand & Engagement, Supply & Quality of Data, Readiness Assessment Tool, and Technical Assistance and Funding.
Open Government Partnership
This resource describes open government good practices and presents them to encourage further adoption and innovation. The publisher's goal is to help government reformers and civil society partners in improving the quality and output of co-creation processes across the Open Government Partnership (OGP). The resource was created to aid OGP partners but is applicable to others interested in open government. The Toolkit contains content organised in a Question & Answer format, a matrix of participation and co-creation standards, and a map of 100 case studies from 39 countries.
The OGP Toolbox is a collaborative platform that gathers digital tools developed and used throughout the world by organizations to improve democracy and promote transparency, participation and collaboration. It is designed as a social network and includes use cases and tool "collections," technical criteria informed by the community and recommendations based on the experience of users that have already implemented existing solutions. The goals of the publisher and platform are to: - allow actors to identify the digital tools better suited to their needs, by collecting and describing them in the most objective way possible; - collaborate to make digital tools more accessible and easier to use; - create favourable conditions to further the development of better digital tools; and, - foster the sharing of experience between actors and giving feedback on existing tools.
Argentinian Ministerio de Modernización
This kit discusses the fundamentals of innovation - immersion (understanding the context), problem definition, ideation, prototyping and testing

We're working on adding more toolkits in this discipline or practice.

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