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This blog also appeared on Apolitical Not too long ago, I moved from Sydney to Paris. No amount of book-learning could have prepared me for the rapidity of spoken Parisian French nor the sharp and shaming rebuke of unimpressed store clerks when my failure to communicate well held up the line. This isn’t to say I didn’t learn a few things before immigrating. Au contraire. Skilled in the way of Australian small talk, I was very...
OPSI will host a webinar on the 13 February 2019 at 3pm (Paris time) on its draft Innovation Declaration. it will give country case studies on the use and usefulness of innovation declarations, overview the concepts underpinning OPSI's Declaration and offer practical guidance on how people can participate in the public consultation on the draft.
On the 21st and 22nd of November, over 500 participants from all around the world gathered in Paris to share skills, experiences, practices and knowledge at the OPSI conference, with the one focus in mind: making innovation in government the ‘new normal’. The theme of the conference Innovation in Government: The New Normal (#opsi2017) came from the belief that innovative people and practices certainly exist in government, but they are not yet mainstreamed as they should be....