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Today, we’re excited to formally launch the final version of OPSI’s AI primer: Hello, World: Artificial Intelligence and its Use in the Public Sector. “Hello, World!” is often the very first computer program written by someone learning how to code, and we want this primer to be able to help public officials take their first steps in exploring AI. The primer is the result of 10 months of research and analysis focused specifically on the...
The public consultation on this document ended on 15 September 2019. The OPSI team is currently reviewing and incorporating comments, with plans to publish the final product as an OECD working paper later this year. Thank you very much to everyone who has contributed! Given demand from the innovation community and taking into account the summer period, we are extending the deadline for the public consultation on our primer on AI and its use in...
Announcement: Public consultation has now been extended to 15 September 2019.  Update: The final version of the AI primer has been published. As we mentioned in a blog a few months ago, OPSI has been working to develop a “primer” on AI to help public leaders and civil servants navigate the challenges and opportunities associated with the technology to understand how it may help them achieve their missions. Today, we are excited to launch a...