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Creative Bureaucracy Festival: Digital Kick-off Day

21mar09:0018:30Creative Bureaucracy Festival: Digital Kick-off Day09:00 - 18:30 View in my time Event Organized ByCreative Bureaucracy Festival

Event Details

The first of our core activities of the year is the Digital Kick-Off Day in March, which offers a packed programme of inspiring examples of creative bureaucracy in action. It is a free online event for everyone across the globe with jury-selected sessions from our global Call for Participation – kicking off a new year of public sector innovation and offering an additional platform for forward-thinking ideas and projects prior to the live festival in Berlin.

The Digital Kick-Off Day 2024 will take place on 21 March – take part and register now for free. Until December 2023 we were calling all creative bureaucrats and innovative changemakers to submit their projects and initiatives to become part of the programme. For the first time, the programme comprises three different categories and will offer more than 90 Project Showcases, Digital Workshops and Podcast Episodes with speakers coming from more than 30 countries. You can find the complete programme in our programme calendar.

The programme clusters:

  • Bureaucracy 2045: Thinking Afresh: Taking a systemic perspective this cluster will present sessions that explore the big questions we should be asking to create the ideal public sector in the future. 
  • Transforming How We Work: Let’s look at the organisational side of things. Sessions in this block want to find solutions to the problem of how bureaucracies are structured and what needs to change in how they operate.
  • Delivering Collective Impact: To create effective networks and communities of practice, cross-sector and cross-geography collaborations are crucial.
  • Living Better Together: Changing the system, organisations, and enabling collaboration between everyone. But what about the citizens? This block includes ideas for how to deal with issues of agency and unlock “the good life” for everyone.


(Thursday) 09:00 - 18:30 View in my time


Creative Bureaucracy Festival

The Creative Bureaucracy Festival puts excellent, creative solutions to community issues and the people behind them in the limelight. Everything from small adjustments to big visions for the future! The festival represents a shift from a “no because” culture to a “yes if” culture that embraces experimentation and new ideas. In doing so, the festival aims to refresh the reputation of public administrations and appeal to imaginative new talent.

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