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Navigating tomorrow: Strategic foresight for sustainable success

23nov16:0017:00Navigating tomorrow: Strategic foresight for sustainable success16:00 - 17:00 View in my time Event Organized ByKnowledge Summit

Event Details

This session dedicated to strategic foresight will feature OECD OPSI Policy Analyst Jack Orlik. The topics covered throughout the agenda will include:

  • Megatrends shaping the cities of tomorrow
  • Deciphering the future through signals of change
  • Strategic foresight for city transformations

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23 November 2023 16:00 - 17:00

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Knowledge Summit

The Knowledge Summit stands as the Arab States’ premier annual knowledge event, bringing together leading experts, young visionaries, and policy leaders for a powerful exchange on our shared future. Our mission is twofold: to explore critical issues in knowledge and development, and to harness global best practices into actionable, cutting-edge solutions. In doing so, we aspire to confront global challenges, advance sustainable development, and elevate the welfare of our nations.

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