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Open Source Observatory Turns 15

21nov08:1518:30Open Source Observatory Turns 15From Pioneering to Mainstreaming Open Technologies in Public Services08:15 - 18:30 View in my timeSteigenberger Wiltcher's Hotel, Avenue Louise 71, 1050 Brussels, Belgium Event Organized ByEuropean Commission, Directorate for Informatics

Event Details

The European Commission Open Source Observatory (OSOR) is organising conference “OSOR Turns 15: From Pioneering to Mainstreaming Open Technologies in Public Services” to celebrate its 15 anniversary.

OSOR has been instrumental in fostering the adoption of open technologies, particularly open-source solutions in public administrations across the EU. As the Observatory celebrates its milestone, the anniversary conference will  unite representatives from public administrations at all levels within the EU, creating an inclusive platform for them to share their experiences, achievements, and challenges in adopting open-source solutions and initiatives. Experts from the public sector, business, NGOs, academia, and open-source enthusiasts will take part in the event.

Here is what you can expect:

–  High-profile panels discussing topics most pertinent to open-source use in the public sector: policies and strategies, the role of governmental Open Source Programme Offices in addressing challenges to adopt open technologies and work towards full interoperability of EU public services, and the most effective ways to leverage the breadth of knowledge and experience throughout the EU for a more sustainable digital transformation at a local level.

–  A great opportunity to network with like-minded people who work for the benefit of open source in the public sector.

–  The grand finale of the OSOR Awards contest, showcasing the best European open-source solutions initiatives and developed by or for public administrations.

–   An exhibition of the solutions and initiatives nominated for the OSOR Awards.

The conference website provides an overview of the agenda and more information about the panel talks: OSOR Awards 2023 | Joinup (

The event will take place in the Steigenberger Wiltcher’s Hotel in Brussels. Online participation is also possible, but you need to register for both modes.

You also still have a chance to win the OSOR Award and gain recognition and EU-wide visibility for your solution or initiative. Submissions are open until 21 September: OSOR Awards 2023 | Joinup (


21 November 2023 08:15 - 18:30

View in my time


Steigenberger Wiltcher's Hotel

Avenue Louise 71, 1050 Brussels, Belgium

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European Commission, Directorate for Informatics

European Commission is an institution of the European Union that has executive, legislative, and judicial functions. It is composed of one Commissioner per Member State and led by a President. It proposes new laws for the European Parliament and the Council of the EU, implements the decisions of these institutions, oversees the application of Union law by the Member States, and finds legal solutions to issues within the EU. It works on specific policy priorities that are set out by the Commission President. Directorate for Informatics is the Commission department responsible for providing digital services that support other Commission departments and European institutions in their daily work and that help European public administrations work better together.

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