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Innovators are encouraged to submit innovative practices to fuel new research on innovation trends and that can be considered for the UAE’s new Edge of Government Innovation Award. We have extended the deadline for submissions to 22 September 2017 based on feedback from the innovation community. After a successful collaboration over the last year, OPSI and the Mohammed Bin Rashid Centre for Government Innovation (MBRCGI) are happy to announce the continued collaboration and partnership for...
This blog was authored by former OPSI Policy Analyst, Matt Kerlogue In my previous blog post, I set out the OPSI’s beta model of skills for public sector innovation, structured around six skill areas: iteration, data literacy, user centricity, curiosity, storytelling and insurgency. But providing an outline and description of these six areas is hardly sufficient to enable the uptake of these skills. Our work to develop the skills model, alongside the Observatory’s wider work...