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This post was guest authored by Micco Gronholm, Head of Future, City of Helsingborg The City of Helsingborg, Sweden, has taken a stand. Over three years we will make an investment of a type that Sweden has never seen before. SEK 250 million will be ear-marked to be used for one thing: Anticipatory innovation to find new, smarter and more efficient ways to plan and build cities where both the people and planet can thrive....
Last week, I spoke about city innovation at SXSW (South by South West) festival as part of its inaugural Cities Summit program. SXSW is an annual design, technology, and innovation conference held in Texas. Typically viewed as a place for Silicon Valley startups to launch their latest disruptive product (like Twitter, which debuted there in 2007), SXSW is also getting a name for itself as a place where we have important conversations about public sector...
OPSI releases a new call for case studies from city governments to identify success stories in local public sector innovation. Access the city space of OPSI and fill in the questionnaire online to share your story by November 15, 2016 (details in blog). We invite you to contribute to our innovation scan and submit innovative city practices on the OPSI submission form.  Case studies on what and what for? Cities have become the engine of...