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Communicating Social Assistance Eligibility and Simplifying Deposits

Innovative response

The Government of Kazakhstan used SMS to communicate with those who qualified for social assistance to indicate that this would be automatically transferred into their bank accounts, or to request bank account information to complete the transfer.

Specific issues addressed and anticipated impact

This system was developed in response to:
1) issues with broadband connection
2) technical issues and cyber attacks
3) inability to apply for social assistance in person
4) overwhelmed call centres
It also ensures that that those that qualify for social assistance have equal access to information about their eligibility. ie. those that don't have broadband are not neglected

Organisations/institutions involved

Government of Kazakhstan, Ministry of Labour and Ministry of Digital Development, Innovation and Aerospace

Level(s) of government:
  • National/Federal government

Issues being addressed:

  • Public service delivery under new circumstances

Response tags:

Date Submitted:

11 April 2020