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Creation of the ‘Centro Estatal de Contingencia COVID-19’

Innovative response

Nuevo León government installed a center where the lines of action that are implemented at the state level will be carried out to confront the global pandemic due to the COVID-19.

Specific issues addressed and anticipated impact

Jointly carry out lines of action at all levels of government.

Organisations/institutions involved

State's Ministry of Health, SEDENA, Guardia Nacional, Protección Civil, Intituto Nacional de Migración, Fuerza Civil.

Potential issues

To face the health contingency, it is necessary to unify and manage the human and material resources, which will be achieved through the activities of this Center.

Level(s) of government:
  • Local government

Issues being addressed:

  • Patient care
  • Health and safety of responders
  • Resource management and mobilisation
  • Public service delivery under new circumstances

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Date Submitted:

1 May 2020