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Innovation Incubator – Workshop & Toolkit

In 2020 and 2021, OPSI developed the idea of an Innovation Incubator jointly with the European Commission through the Horizon 2020 project. The goal of the incubator has been to to maximize the spread of learning and knowledge from initiatives to a larger ecosystem of actors. The OPSI-convened incubator has worked to connect experts and practitioners to provide insights and validation of transformative work, reduce duplication, and streamline replication efforts. The primary principle of the Innovation Incubator model is that the methods and approach must be adaptable to the needs of any organisation and initiative going through it.

To help disseminate lessons learned from the Innovation Incubator and connect governments and peers interested in learning how to incubate their own innovation projects, OPSI partnered with Accelerate Estonia, a renowned testbed for moonshot ideas, to develop an adaptable and re-usable toolkit and workshop on incubating public sector innovation projects.

The re-usable and adaptable files for the toolkit and workshop can be found:

  • Here in PDF format.
  • Here in editable Adobe Illustrator format.