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Hello, World: Artificial Intelligence and its use in the public sector


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is an area of research and technology application that can have a significant impact on public policies and services in many ways.

Governments can use AI to design better policies and make better decisions, improve communication and engagement with citizens and residents, and improve the speed and quality of public services. While the potential benefits of AI are significant, attaining them is not an easy task. Government use of AI trails that of the private sector; the field is complex and has a steep learning curve; and the purpose of, and context within, government are unique and present a number of challenges. To help governments learn about and explore AI in an effective and ethical way, this paper includes guidance on:

  • Providing support and clear direction and create space for flexibility and experimentation
  • Determine whether AI is the best solution for a given problem
  • Providing for multi-disciplinary, diverse, and inclusive perspectives
  • Developing a trustworthy, fair, and accountable approach to using AI
  • Securing ethical collection of, access to, and use of quality data
  • Ensure government organisations have access to adequate funding, capability, capacity, & infrastructure
  • Recognising the potentially significant shifts that AI might bring in the future.

Hello, World: Artificial Intelligence and its use in the public sector

Published on 21 November 2019.