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Algorithmic Impact Assessment

Champion CHAMPION:
Can be remixed
The AIA is a questionnaire designed to help assess and mitigate the impacts associated with deploying an automated decision system. It helps identify the impact level of an automated decision system. It was developed with the Canadian Directive on Automated Decision-Making in mind but it can be applied elsewhere. The questions are focused on business processes, data, and system design decisions. The questionnaire asks around 60 questions and the results will demonstrate impact level as well as a…

Web Experience Toolkit (WET)

Hero HERO:
Editable source files available
A front-end framework for building websites that are accessible, usable, interoperable, mobile friendly and multilingual for the Government of Canada and beyond, the resource includes a collection of of flexible and themeable templates and reusable components and related guidance. Content is also available in French.


Hero HERO:
Editable source files available
X-Road, a data exchange layer for information systems, is a technological and organizational environment enabling a secure Internet-based data exchange between information systems. Source code of X-Road is open for all and it is licensed under MIT license. Consultation services for deploying independent X-Road instances can be obtained from enterprises with such services. There is also an X-Road Community for support. This is a collaborative project involving several countries/territories,…

Open Data Board Game

Hero HERO:
Editable source files available
The Open Data Board Game is a board game built around the creation of tools using data. A physical board game journey might involve clearing datasets for release as open data, achieving a certain data quality, and ultimately connecting data sets with a start up, SME or government to deliver economic, social and environmental benefits. It is a Github code repository that contains all the things that are needed to create the game. It is a work in progress, according to the publisher. Requires some…

Project Open Data

Hero HERO:
Editable source files available
A collection of code, tools, and case studies to help United States federal agencies adopt the Open Data Policy and unlock the potential of government data. This project is meant to be a living document, so that collaboration in the open data ecosystem is fostered, and the continual update of technology pieces that affect update can happen at a more rapid pace. Edits to the content may be made by anyone. It could provide other governments with examples and starter content for its own open data…