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18F Method Cards

Hero HERO:
Editable source files available
A collection of tools that describe how 18F digital service teams put human-centered design into practice. These cards are focused on design in the context of digital services, but can be adapted to non-technical design projects as well. The resource is online and also available as printable cards. The card set includes simplified information on various design methods according to an overall methodology: Discover, Decide, Make,Validate. There are also "Fundamentals" cards related to incentives,…

18F Product Guide

Hero HERO:
Editable source files available
This guide is for people at 18F (a United States Federal Government technology transformation agency) who are wondering what to expect from a product manager on their team, as well as for product managers and those filling that role to understand what their team expects from them. This guide also serves as a resource for product management best practices at 18F. This guide could be used in other governments looking for product management guidance.