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The Anticipatory Innovation Starter Kit (AISK) offers a step-by-step approach to access a set of methodologies and tools to solve organisational challenges in the area of anticipatory innovation governance. Developed by the Experimentation Lab for Public Administration (LabX), part of the Administrative Modernisation Agency (AMA) in Portugal, the starter kit intends to be an actionable tool to envisage and anticipate changes in public sector organisations.

Users start in a "Pool of Problems" where they identifying anticipatory innovation needs and gaps before being redirected to the most appropriate method or tool to use. Problems are clustered in four areas: (1) Drivers of Change, the need to understand and react to external contexts; (2) Alternative Futures, the need do deal with uncertainty and change; (3) Vision, the need to improve organisational and team alignment; and (4) Strategy, the need to plan and position for the future.
The starter kit provides, and allows users to select, the most adequate methods and tools to deal with these four problem areas, based on individual priorities and available resources. The kit also encompasses a step-by-step guide for all methods and tools, including information on requirements, detailed practical instructions and resources, including templates.

As a way to sustain the adoption and the embeddedness of these methods and tools, the starter kit offers guidance about the best way to connect users with public management tools (e.g. "Strategic Plan" or "Project Management"), showing the potential of anticipatory innovation approaches to answer and improve organisational management.

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