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This is a collection of methods and activities, based on Hyper Island’s core methodology, for creative collaboration and realising potential in teams or organisations. It’s a collection of methods and activities, based on Hyper Island’s core methodology and is focused on Learning-by-doing (or Experiential Learning), Reflection (or Reflective Practice), and workshop or group facilitation. It includes Hyper Island tools as well as tools from others.

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One review for "Hyper Island Toolbox"

  1. If I had to remember one thing about the Hyper Island toolbox : you may have doubts or feel reluctant at first, but with time and through relevant choice, using these tools will release your creativity and maximize your energy !
    It is similar to Atlassian in a sense that each website provides a toolbox. So these tools can really be useful if you already know what you are looking for within the different categories : energizers, innovation, self-leadership, action, team, well-being. You may have to use a complementary tool like Atlassian to do a health monitor and then choose the appropriate tools for you though.

    For instance, me and my team decided to use some innovation tools to help us take a step back on what we were doing. The How might we questions tool encouraged us to define clear scopes for potential interesting ideas and turn problems into opportunities, only in 30 minutes and with pens and post-its.

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