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2020 programme of Social Tourism

Innovative response

For Greece tourism is a key pillar of the economy and has suffered a great deal in the new conditions shaped due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Wishing to regulate this critical situation and enable citizens to go on the much needed vacation OAED developed a new programme of Social Tourism* by expanding the number of vouchers to 300.000 for both employees and unemployed persons. Also for the first time there is a subsidy for ferry tickets, the maximum duration of nights is increased, the private contribution in all the hotels is decreased while OAED’s contribution is increased. Additionally regions heavily afflicted such as Evros are boosted providing the opportunity of a 10-night-stay and zero private contribution. This particular programme has been designed to boost the domestic demand in tourism services during a period in which the foreign demand has been dramatically decreased due to the pandemic.
* subsidizing the hotel cost for beneficiaries and their family members

Specific issues addressed and anticipated impact

This programme of Social Tourism* is expanding the number of vouchers to 300.000 for both employees and unemployed persons.

Organisations/institutions involved

Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs

  1. Prachtig initiatief, indien dit project post-Covid 19 wordt georganiseerd dus op te nemen in exit-strategieplanning.
    Misschien is het nuttig doelgroep via alle mogelijke informatiekanalen in te lichten van het bestaan van de sociale reisvouchers.
    Tenslotte is het aangewezen om burgers te wijzen op wat zij kunnen terugbrengen aan bv geschenken.
    De kernvraag blijf wie in aanmerking komt voor deze vouchers en op welke basis worden zij verdeeld bv. gezinssituatie en/of inkomens gerelateerd?

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  • Governance responses
  • Social effects of the crisis

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