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One of the most innovative projects that took place amidst the COVID-19 pandemic is the collaboration between OAED and Google Hellas as members of the National Coalition for Digital Skills and Jobs. Both institutions will take up joint initiatives to effectively address the digital gap in the labour market, the professional reintegration of unemployed persons and the enhancement of digital economy and society. In this framework projects evolving online training and traineeship in businesses…
For Greece tourism is a key pillar of the economy and has suffered a great deal in the new conditions shaped due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Wishing to regulate this critical situation and enable citizens to go on the much needed vacation OAED developed a new programme of Social Tourism* by expanding the number of vouchers to 300.000 for both employees and unemployed persons. Also for the first time there is a subsidy for ferry tickets, the maximum duration of nights is increased, the private…
Amidst the COVID-19 crisis OAED has developed a fast paced programme of digitally upgrading its services aiming at providing distance services to citizens. OAED has already implemented a wide range programme of digital transformation which includes the following: • Development of web-services in collaboration with the Interoperabiltiy Centre for over 40 services to citizens and businesses aiming at the full digitalisation of submitting and approving claims so we can achieve a unified and…
Our communities are being hit hard by the Covid19 crisis, especially small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs). Consequently Europe faces a serious risk of a deep and lasting recession. It is in the interest of both local SMEs, regional and local authorities, local and cooperative banks and private investors to join forces to support SMEs and sustainable local/regional economies. However, how can we maximise the impact of these funds and create a truly sustainable recovery? The Impact Multiplier…
The Greek Ministry of Digital Govrnance launched, on April 14, two initiatives facilitating Digital Innovation Against COVID-19, using the hashtag #GreeceVsVirus, and is also participating in the #EUvsVirus challenge, as follows: A. Digital Innovation Against COVID-19 Ideas Challenge The challenge is an initiative of the Ministry of Digital Governance and aims to pursue innovative ideas to address the needs of the National Health System against the COVID-19 pandemic. Ideas for Digi-Tech…