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Digital upgrade of PES distance services

Innovative response

Amidst the COVID-19 crisis OAED has developed a fast paced programme of digitally upgrading its services aiming at providing distance services to citizens. OAED has already implemented a wide range programme of digital transformation which includes the following:

• Development of web-services in collaboration with the Interoperabiltiy Centre for over 40 services to citizens and businesses aiming at the full digitalisation of submitting and approving claims so we can achieve a unified and direct distance management of all claims (submitted by all parties)
• Development of the myOAEDlive app which offers distance digital consultancy services via teleconference.
• Use of the Google G Suites for Education app for distance learning and professional training.
• Full digitalisation of the hiring, awarding points and selection processes for hourly paid teachers in the Apprenticeship Schools, Institutes of Vocational Training and Vocational Training Centres, the selection process of hourly paid kindergarten teachers in OAED’s Day nurseries as well as the submission and selection processes for candidate students in OAED’s Apprenticeship Schools or students for the Institutes of Vocational Training and Vocational Training Centres.
• Taking full advantage of the Unified Digital Portal of the Greek State ( via which all of the OAED’s digital services are offered
• Development and operation within the next few months of the first fully productive app for mobile phones in the Public Sector through which a wide range of the above mentioned services will be offered.

Specific issues addressed and anticipated impact

This way distance services to both unemployed persons and businesses become even more accessible thus avoiding overcrowding in the local PES offices while offering quicker and easier services to citizens.

Organisations/institutions involved

Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs
Ministry of Digital Governance

Relevant URL(s):

Level(s) of government:
  • National/Federal government
  • Private Sector

Issues being addressed:

  • Governance responses
  • Public service delivery under new circumstances

Response contact:

[email protected]

Date Submitted:

11 December 2020