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Collaboration with different sectors of society in different actions

Innovative response

Joint effort between the state government and sectors of society in several areas.

Collaboration includes the following:
Research with UANL for the strerilization and reutilization of medical-grade sanitary masks, research with Tec Salud for the tratment of hospitalized patients with blood plasma transfusions from recovered patients, coordination with Ternium for the adaptation of sport areas into Hospital Ternium, coordination with supermarkets for food support, collaboration with Farmacias Benavides to supply medicines for vulnerable sectors of the population and Fuerza Nuevo León, a strategic alliance with entrepreneurs to respond to the needs that may occur as a consequence of the sanitary emergency.

Specific issues addressed and anticipated impact

Cooperation with sectors of society to respond to respond to the needs that may arise as a consequence of the pandemic.

Organisations/institutions involved

State government, sectors of society such as universities, small, medium and large-sized enterprises.

Potential issues

Development of scenarios and decisions of social distancing, as well as monitoring the evolution of the contingency.