OPSI COVID-19 Innovative Response Tracker

Education Sector Response to COVID-19

Innovative response

• Distributed electronic devices (e.g. Tablets and broadband gadgets) among students to facilitate the process of remote learning and ensure the delivery of high quality education
• Distributed smartphone devices among the MEHE’s employees to enhance remote working
• Developed a secure website to allow protected access for MEHE’s employees to the ministry’s internal systems in order to support remote working
• Purchased technical support licenses to ensure the remote delivery of the required technical support

Specific issues addressed and anticipated impact

Deliver high quality education for all levels in a remote manner while maintaining effective technical support and ensuring minimal work disruptions

Organisations/institutions involved

Ministry of Education and Higher Education

Potential issues


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Level(s) of government:
  • National/Federal government

Issues being addressed:

  • Public service delivery under new circumstances

Response contact:

[email protected]