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India sources solutions from citizens through their ‘Solution Challenge

Innovative response

Specific issues addressed and anticipated impact

The Government of India ran a COVID-19  'Solution Challenge' through their  MyGov platform and the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare. It was launched on 16th March 2020, and the deadline for submissions was 30th April 2020.

It allowed Indian citizens to share their own solutions in short proposals (3 sides or a 3 minute YouTube video), that, if deemed suitable for scale-up by the Ministry, will be selected for further funding.

There were three levels of rewards: a 1st prize worth one Lakh, or Rs 100,000 (approx. EUR 1170) ; 2nd prize worth Rs 50,000 (approx. EUR 585); and, 3rd prize, Rs 25,000 (approx EUR 290).

Organisations/institutions involved

Ministry of Health and Family Welfare

Level(s) of government:
  • National/Federal government

Issues being addressed:

  • Crowdsourcing solutions

Response tags:

Date Submitted:

8 June 2020