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MPhil students from Cambridge University organised a hackathon, #CamvsCovid, to seek solutions to problems stemming from COVID-19. Entries focused on local shops, the virtual shopping experience and remote health diagnostics. Each team entering the event had 72 hours to draft its response to a pressing problem by video and text, and their 750-word text solution went through a juried review process. All the 750-word solutions, which totaled 11 entries, are being assembled into a portfolio.
Covid-19 Innovation Fund. Covid-19 Competition for innovators and startups to develop life-saving healthcare innovations On March 19th the Agency for Science, Innovation and Technology (MITA) launched a contest "LIFE-SAVING INNOVATIONS: STOP COVID-19" and gave a priority to COVID-19 virus and crisis management projects. Innovators, technology developers, startups and innovative companies were invited to participate and offer solutions based on modern technologies.
The first Serbian ventilator was produced as a result of the call of the Innovation Fund. The scientists in the Institute Mihailo Pupun were developing this idea for years, but the innovation call and few young enterpreneurs from a company called Smart Research accelerated the development of a prototype. In a month time, five models of ventilators were made, on which a team of experts worked without a break, between 10 and 15 hours a day.
As one of the awarded projects on the Serbian Innovation Fund, the SME Heliant developed a platform for fast messaging in the conditions of COVID 19 pandemic. The HERMES-COVID solution provides communication between key players in the healthcare system and healthcare professionals. This solution provides an opportunity for the Government of the Republic of Serbia, the Ministry of Health, public health institutes to use this tool to safely, technologically advanced and in real time forward the…
As a response to the open call of the Innovation Fund, the SME CCS Solutions developed reusable protective masks - LifeMask. It is the first mask in the world made of durable, white plastic used in the food industry. The seal that sticks to the face is made of memory foam and will not create allergies or scars on the face. After each use, the mask can be wiped with disinfectant or washed with soap, as well as boiled at 70 degrees and used for up to three months. Mask filters can be changed every…