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Suve is an automated chatbot, whose main task is to make sure that you and everyone living in or visiting Estonia get their questions answered from official sources. Suve has been integrated into several public websites. During the emergency situation related to COVID-19, she helps to provide accurate and trustworthy information in English, Estonian and Russian.
This short questionnaire will help assess the risk of being infected and provides recommendations based on the individual's situation. The answers in turn help the Estonian Health Board assess and predict the spread of the virus in Estonia. By answering the survey, further suggestions on how to behave in the situation will be received. By submitting this questionnaire, it is agreed that the IP address is being logged for the Estonian Health Board to differentiate between multiple entries. The IP…
On 21 April 2020, the Estonian government launched MASC, a digital solution for monitoring PPE stock and demand in hospitals and other public sector institutions. The solution launched in Estonia is a pilot version created during the hackathon, The Global Hack, and is today used by over 300 institutions, including all hospitals, in Estonia. The solution simplifies the collection of data on PPE inventories, needs and prognosis. The system allows for user-friendly collection of data throughout a…
An increased workload for family doctors and the health sector as a whole means that getting in touch with a doctor may be more difficult; those in need of filing an official sick note (Haigusleht) with employers can do so via the Patient Portal. Entries into the patients' portal will be forwarded to the Health Insurance Fund and the individual's employer and family doctor; the record is also automatically opened and the individual will be contacted by the family doctors' center within a week to…
Estonia had a hackathon, and from this numerous services have been built. For example we now have a chatbot Suve (, a corona test / symptom tracker (, and a dashboard (