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In the last weeks of March, work began to implement different mechanisms of care through digital means in the secretariat, thereby developing spaces to move current efforts towards a new normality. Through this, we seek a clear and open response to everything necessary to be able to support people who previously obtained physical services at the facilities. With this, we began various actions for the different sectors in different formats to face the new challenges it represents, to maintain the…
'Breath of Hope' is a team of multidisciplinary volunteers, including IT professionals, biomedical engineers and doctors. They have come together and been supported by the Kerala Start-up Mission (KSUM), a government-supported entrepneurship development agency. KSUM have provided raw materials and a facility at 'Super Fablab Kochi', where the group can develop their ideas. The volunteers are working together with their joint expertise to help find crucial tech solutions to the pandemic.
The Department of Science and Technology (DST) is coordinating an effort to upscale appropriate technologies and manufacturing available in India for addressing a plethora of issues related to COVID-19, as well as scout for new and developing solutions more relevant to the country to help prepare the country for exigencies arising out of COVID-19 pandemic. DST has set up a COVID 19 Task force for mapping of technologies from R&D labs, academic institutions, startups, and MSMEs to fund nearly…
“Digital Arianna”, diAry, is a web-app that allows to track movements relevant to the containment of the diffusion of COVID-19. To adddress the diffusion of the virus, the app traces back all the locations and people that the user has met during the incubation period. All data is saved on the personal device of the user, who can decide to examine, export and eventually intersect them with information of public utility. Adopting responsible behaviors and keeping track of them is the most…
The Ministry of Health established a national database on COVID-19, including a central reporting mechanism for health organisations and full medical data on confirmed cases and test results. Aggregated data is used to inform decision makers on the spread of the virus and the appropriate response. Additionally, the ministry of health is promoting a secure platform for researchers and developers to access anonymised data, in accordance with the privacy protection law.