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SEDEC Tabasco: Open Digital Response to Support Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs in the New Normal


Innovative response

In the last weeks of March, work began to implement different mechanisms of care through digital means in the secretariat, thereby developing spaces to move current efforts towards a new normality.

Through this, we seek a clear and open response to everything necessary to be able to support people who previously obtained physical services at the facilities. With this, we began various actions for the different sectors in different formats to face the new challenges it represents, to maintain the momentum of companies and entrepreneurs at all stages from idea to financing.

At the moment we have taught more than 40 activities through digital media where companies and entrepreneurs are trained, with an impact of up to 10,000 visits.

"" platform was launched, where a digital directory is established for companies that require a digital presence and do not have a website.

The #CreceConSEDEC digital incubator is launched, where it is migrated to a completely online digital format and continues to promote start-up companies in the idea phase. With this we add today more than 200 projects registered on the platform.

Specific issues addressed and anticipated impact

The main goal to achieve is the continuity of the services offered through digital platforms, focusing directly on the delivery of services without interruptions, and also enhancing the capabilities of entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs in the state. The expected impact is to continue offering the same platforms and service, increasing by 25% the capacity to offer training and skills development opportunities to entrepreneurs.

Through these efforts, we hope to have the continuity of services, enhancing capacities and increasing communication channels, managing to establish immediate service links where more efficient support mechanisms can be established.

Organisations/institutions involved

All key players, communities, professionals, academia and institutions taking a role in the State Entrepreneurship Ecosystem. We have been fortunate to have very good alliances with the sectors, which have joined without hesitation in contributing their time and tools in every way. With this, they can be linked and made known through the learning and dissemination of their business support capabilities.

From estate level, to international and national partnership had helped us to deliver.

Potential issues

Despite the constant efforts to bring these mechanisms of citizen participation and strengthening to business activities, we ran into the Barrier of access to connectivity since the state does not have connectivity throughout its territory, this represents that it does not reach the entire target population.

Level(s) of government:
  • Regional/State government

Issues being addressed:

  • Public service delivery under new circumstances

Response contact:

[email protected]


Date Submitted:

12 June 2020