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Life Masks


Innovative response

As a response to the open call of the Innovation Fund, the SME CCS Solutions developed reusable protective masks - LifeMask. It is the first mask in the world made of durable, white plastic used in the food industry. The seal that sticks to the face is made of memory foam and will not create allergies or scars on the face. After each use, the mask can be wiped with disinfectant or washed with soap, as well as boiled at 70 degrees and used for up to three months. Mask filters can be changed every seven to ten days.

Specific issues addressed and anticipated impact

Life-mask is a new type of protective mask with a replaceable HEPA filter for multiple and long-term use. After the current pandemic, the constant wearing of masks of this type will become common, as it has long been a part of everyday life in Japan, for example. A certain amount of mask was donated to health institutions, and a total of 30,000 masks were produced.

Organisations/institutions involved

CCS Solutions
Innovation Fund

Issues being addressed:

  • Patient care
  • Health and safety of responders

Response contact:

[email protected]

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Date Submitted:

31 May 2020