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Innovative disinfection tunnel


Innovative response

Innovative disinfection tunnel and cabin is one of the awarded solutions to the Innovation Fund call. It is a disinfection tunnel made of stainless steel, which is equipped with nozzles that disperse disinfection drops.

Specific issues addressed and anticipated impact

The advantage of the system is the reduced consumption of water and disinfectants. The tunnel is also equipped with an automatic movement system that detects the presence of people, activates the nozzles and automatically shuts off after the disinfection is completed. Its nozzles operate at a pressure of six bar, unlike others that operate at 70 bar. The look itself does not disturb the design and ambience of a space. The disinfection capacity is 600 people per hour.

Organisations/institutions involved

Corten art
Innovation Fund

Issues being addressed:

  • Health and safety of responders

Response contact:

[email protected]

Response tags:


Date Submitted:

31 May 2020