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InfoPoint “Mona”, Unternehmensser-viceportal USP (Chatbot)

Innovative response

The new information chatbot "Mona" on the Service Platform for Business (USP) answers important company-relevant questions: short-time work, hardship funds and other initiatives are quickly and easily explained.

The new chatbot "Mona"  is intended to cover all relevant questions for companies on the subject of the corona crisis and the economy. The service of the Federal Ministry for Digitization and Business Location (BMDW) is available online on the USP website and can also be used on mobile devices.

The service can be found on the USP homepage and is intended to provide companies with important information on key points such as grants, employment law issues such as short-time work and teleworking in a simple way in this difficult time . On the one hand, users can ask freely formulated questions, on the other hand there is a classic information channel in which step-by-step information is provided on the three central topics of work, financial aspects and research with the click of a mouse.

The content flows into the chatbot from a variety of current sources : On the one hand, an editorial team from the Federal Ministry for Digitization and Business Location works with all content provided by the ministry in the chatbot. In order to expand the in-house know-how , additional content comes from other ministries and institutions such as the Austrian Chamber of Commerce, Austria Wirtschaftsservice, Arbeitsmarktservice and others.

Specific issues addressed and anticipated impact

InfoPoint “Mona” of the Unternehmensserviceportal USP answers important company-relevant questions on topics such as subsidies, labor law, financial aspects, research, short-time work, hardship fund and initiatives.

The service is available in the public as well as registered area of the USP and can also be used on mobile devices. In-depth information on the three central topics of labor, financial aspects and research is provided via mouse click. However, users can also ask freely formulated questions.

Organisations/institutions involved

Federal Ministry for Digital and Economic Affairs in cooperation with other federal ministries as well as the Austrian Economic Chambers, Austria Wirtschaftsservice as well as the Public Employment Service Austria (AMS).

Level(s) of government:
  • National/Federal government

Date Submitted:

6 May 2020