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The statistical information of the Ministry of Social Affairs, Health, Care and Consumer Protection (BMSGPK) to the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19, SARS-CoV-2) are as Open Government Data (OGD) under the open Creative Commons (CC) license available ( CC-BY-4.0 ). The data can be used by the general public under the condition of naming (ie naming the source BMSGPK) in machine-readable format together with the associated metadata. This corresponds to the requirements of the Information…
The initiative refers to expansion of the production possibilities in these fields (protective masks and shields) through cooperation of the healthcare sector and pioneers in 3D printing. The cooperation of hospital associations with educational institutions (e.g. University of Technology Graz with over 30 3D-printers that produce 300 facial protection shields per day) and companies currently having free resources due to the crisis (e.g. Idea workshop Happylap) achieved rapid success. In order…
The initiative refers to free digital conference to support Austrian companies. The event focused on the provision of information, transfer of knowledge and exchange of experience on topics such as subsidies, employment and follow-up financing in the context of the Corona crisis. Moreover, recommendations and offers for employers are provided. For more information, please consult:
Since March, the possibilities for remote working has been massively expanded and the quantity of the available IT infrastructure (notebooks) has been upgraded to reduce physical contacts. For example the Province of Styria provides about 6,500 jobs. Before the crisis in mid-March 2020, approx. 1,100 employees were entitled to work via remote access to the central state data network (limited to a maximum of 200 users simultaneously) for various field service activities as well as teleworking…
The Edutube educational platform provides reliable short videos and documentation that are suitable in terms of content as a supplement and support for digital teaching. It contains high quality and educationally relevant instructional videos. In terms of content, the videos serve teachers as a supplement and support for digital teaching. The platform can be used by schools of all types, teacher training institutions, universities and adult education centers. For more information, please…