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Online marketplace for local products and companies

Innovative response

Digital marketplace to support local/regional customers and retailers.

The marketplace provides orientation for all customers as an overview of nationwide and regional shopping platforms. Moreover, the digital marketplace offers comprehensive support for retailers on how to build their own e-shop or how to use Austrian online marketplaces such as shö,,,, etc.

On the retailer side, the focus is primarily on family businesses, one person companies as well as small and medium-sized enterprises. With its slogan “Buy locally, it can also be done digitally”, the marketplace offers quick and un-bureaucratic support in the field of e-commerce or special offers (e.g. shipping offers) for small retailers.

Specific issues addressed and anticipated impact

With the specially developed marketplace, retailers can quickly gain an overview of digital solutions, purchasing processes and online sales opportunities in order to find and implement their own solution. Moreover, webinars and information on the founding of e-shops.

Alternatively, the online marketplace offers information about the aforementioned online platforms, their use, target groups, pricing schemes and further key points for companies

Organisations/institutions involved

Austrian Federal Government (especially Federal Ministry for Digital and Economic Affairs, Federal Ministry for Agriculture, Regions and Tourism in cooperation with the Austrian Economic Chambers)

Issues being addressed:

  • Governance responses
  • Social effects of the crisis

Date Submitted:

6 May 2020