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Pikobar – the app that uses QR codes to alleviate the burden on hospital administration

Innovative response

The province of West Java wants to avoid healthcare facilities from getting overwhelmed by people without symptoms trying to get tested, and so have developed a new Open Source 'Pikobar' app that uses QR technology and a self-assessment algorithm.

Users first conduct a preliminary self-diagnosis through the app to find out if they should get tested. They can check their symptoms against those of Covid-19, as well as other similar illnesses like flu and cough.

If they have symptoms, they are recommended to visit a hospital. If it’s not likely they are infected with Covid-19, the app gives recommendations, such as to rest or to take more vitamins.

When the app determines that a citizen should go for a test, it will issue a QR code invitation and tell them where they can find the nearest hospital. Citizens have to present this QR code at the hospital to receive a testing.

This QR code also includes a time slot for citizens to receive the test. The QR code is also designed so it can only be used once. If citizens test negative, however, the QR code can be used again in one week’s time, because the incubation phase for Covid-19 is very long.

Specific issues addressed and anticipated impact

West Java, one of the worst-hit areas in Indonesia, has registered 60 cases and 10 deaths as of 24 March. The province’s digital team, Jabar Digital Service, launched a service to help manage the strain on healthcare facilities

The app generates QR code invitations for residents to get tested for the virus, which is very important because hospitals are limited, and it will enable them to better process patients. This is one function of the new Open Source Pikobar app, which launched this week to share data, help register for tests, and collect donations to help hospital staff.

The app includes a map so users can see how the virus has spread across West Java. Users can also access handy contacts such as emergency numbers. The app even provides information on the coronavirus, including how it spreads and how to avoid contracting it.

Organisations/institutions involved

West Java Province - Jabar Digital Service

Issues being addressed:

  • Patient care
  • Health and safety of responders
  • Information and practice sharing (with public and/or internal)
  • Public service delivery under new circumstances

Date Submitted:

16 April 2020