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Office of Legislation has introduced a single national legal information system offering to the public the information on adopted laws, regulations and other legal acts free of charge, including EU and national case law, consolidated texts, and other information with significant impact on the application of national law. In addition to efficient and quick search through all sources of law, users can easily monitor the process of planning and adopting laws and regulations.

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Both the professionals public (notaries, lawyers, civil servants, etc.) and the citizens need to be acquainted with applicable legislation and related case law, legislative proposals of the Government, status of ongoing legislative procedures, as well as with their obligations and rights under EU law.

In order to have all this information in one place, free of charge, the Government Office of Legislation introduced a single national portal, called Legal Information System of the Republic of Slovenia (PIS).

There are two types of beneficiaries of this project:
- public authorities which devoted a considerable amount of budget funds to the use of commercial legal and business information systems in order to have relevant information gathered in one place,
- professional and general public which had no single platform to easily find relevant legal information.

The implementation of this national legal system resulted not only in enhancing public access to national and EU law and jurisprudence, but also in implementing open data strategy and in budget savings of 1,2 million EUR per year.

Since its launch in 2014, the portal has been gaining popularity in various end-user segments and is expected to keep gaining users attention as analytical figures increase by about 10 percent annually. In 2017, there were 10 million page views and 150,000 active monthly users recorded, indicating usefulness and exceptional importance of providing free, transparent and reliable legal information.

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Year: 2014
Level of government: National/Federal government


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