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The system in the Kolding Municipality in charge of providing medical benefits underwent a comprehensive design driven innovation process aiming for better and more efficient service in 2015. Min Plan gives citizens an intuitive understanding of the medical benefit system, just as it empowers them to take responsibility for their own case, making it a successful journey through the system. The results currently show a 38% reduction in complains from citizens and 3 million euro saved a year.

Innovation Summary

Innovation Overview

The medical benefits system is characterised by a large degree of centralised administration and regulation. For both citizens and caseworkers, all aspects of the medical benefits process are regulated. The medical benefits system in Kolding Municipality previously faced a number of challenges: negative publicity in the media, numerous citizen complaints and the prospect of a large reform. In addition, the staff was aware that being absent owing to illness and participating in a follow-up process could cause citizens to worry needlessly, meaning that they in fact had to be ‘strong’ to be a part of the system.

The aim of the design process was to inspire the area to try new paths. The idea was to create these new paths in collaboration with both in-house and outside players, and to involve citizens to get their input Concerning the design of the optimal medical benefit process.

The main goal was: improved citizen experiences, improved staff experiences and better results. The project reviewed Kolding Municipality’s six-stage design process model from discovery to implementation. It included extensive fieldwork with interviews with citizens, businesses, general practitioners and 80 caseworkers, observations of conversations with citizens, desktop research, user travelling etc. The extensive discovery stage resulted in insight within a number of areas, which would form a basis for further work.

Among other things, the design process revealed that citizens who were absent owing to illness had difficulties getting an overview of the process and the many opportunities and offers available, and therefore they often became passive players in their own process. At the concept development stage, we therefore asked; ‘How can we make the citizens participate actively and take ownership of their own process?’ The team behind the design process and MADE design worked with various tools aimed at clarifying the process to the citizens. They used the iterative development approach of the design process to create innovative prototypes, which they used to test and qualify Min Plan – all the way to the implementation stage – in close creative collaboration with both citizens and caseworkers.

Min Plan is a tool which, in simple terms, explains a highly complex system to citizens who very much need clarity. The tool primes citizens to take ownership of their own medical benefit process, it empowers them and helps them gain greater insight into the process and to recover faster.

Following the implementation of Min Plan Kolding Municipality has seen a 24-per cent drop in medical benefit expenses – from 1,343 full-time recipients in January 2015 to 1,018 in October 2016 – and a direct monthly payoff of more than DKK 2 million. And not least, the number of citizen complaints has dropped by as much as 38 per cent.

Min Plan gives citizens an intuitive understanding of the medical benefit system, just as it empowers them to take responsibility for their own case, making it a successful journey through the system. For someone who is seriously ill, facing a highly complex system can be extremely stressful and cause them to adopt a defeatist attitude. The decisions they make have a huge impact on their present and future life situation – and worrying about the future can discourage most people. Via a simple, visual interface Min Plan helps citizens handle and structure this challenge, and it enables them – in collaboration with the staff – to find the right solutions, make the right choices and to move on at a confusing time in life.

Due to the success of Min Plan, the concept has now been further developed for citizens facing a job clarification process and for other processes at the Department for medical Benefit in Kolding Municipality and at the Job Centre.

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Year: 2015
Level of government: Local government


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