The "Mirsal" service was developed on the UAEHUB.ae platform and enabled for all those registered with a UAEPass. This service dramatically enhanced the correspondence system for both private and public actors, having a positive impact on the environment and on the delivery speed of business letters between different entities.

Innovation Summary

Innovation Overview

- The Mirsal service solved the official letters movement issue from GtoG, BtoB, GtoB, and BtoB
- The innovation is all about an e-service, secure and simple to use.
- Saves physical delivery times, speeding up business processes.
- Concerns all public and private sectors in the UAE
- A memo with department of finance and department of municipal affairs was signed to extend the service for more entities.
- Many technologies are included, such as Blockchain and AI.

Innovation Description

Innovation Development

Innovation Reflections

Project Pitch

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Year: 2020
Level of government: National/Federal government


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