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The innovation was developed because the Costa Rican Social Security Fund seeks to work with strategies that allow the social security system to be sustainable given the limitations of public health and the increase in health spending. This is the development of a machine learning predictive model to determine the propensity to develop Type II Diabetes Mellitus in patients with EDUS. It is innovative as it is the first predictive model based on clinical data records stored in EDUS.
In response to Innovation Saskatchewan's call for public sector challenges through its Innovation Challenge, the Ministry of Environment partnered with Prairie Robotics, a Regina-based AI startup, to tackle waste audits. Their AI-powered solution automates waste audit processes, cutting down time, costs, and resources previously required for manual audits. The technology identifies contaminants in recycling streams and tailors educational materials to individual households, enhancing engagement,…
The project reduces the digital divide and accessibility problems for people with special needs and simplifies technology. It is a layer of artificial intelligence (AL21) that facilitates navigation and assists in carrying out electronic procedures, together with the deployment of cyberkiosks that allow access to technology free of charge and Smart Centres to train citizens in digital skills. The Public Procurement of Innovation methodology is used in its implementation.
The National Injury Insurance Agency Queensland in partnership with Queensland University of Technology is revolutionising support for those severely injured in accidents by offering a digital platform for easier access to services and self-management. This initiative provides a seamless, empowering user experience, enhancing independence and trust in public support systems. It's innovative because it transforms traditional, paper-based processes into an accessible, efficient digital solution.
This is a large-scale national initiative employing artificial intelligence techniques to proactively predict which patients are most likely to miss their appointments in outpatient clinics. It uses machine learning techniques to process, analyse, and train data in the electronic medical record (EMR) system, encompassing patient, clinic, and appointment history. The no-show rate at KAMC has decreased by 10%.
The Nafath app introduces a pioneering approach to authentication in Saudi Arabia. By leveraging biometrics and utilizing the mobile camera, it offers a secure and user-friendly app for authenticating user identity digitally. This innovative solution not only enhances identity authentication but also benefits all citizens and residents by simplifying digital interactions and empowering them to navigate the digital landscape with confidence, all through the convenience of their mobile devices.
The AI Competence Center of the Munich City Government is an innovative approach to creating a city-wide AI infrastructure. By providing expertise and support for the implementation of AI solutions, the center aims to increase the efficiency of city services and improve the lives of citizens. The center is unique in its role as a government-run AI center, which sets it apart from other AI initiatives.
Itla View is a digital tool to help local services for families with children to manage their activities better using up-to-date data, to anticipate the need for corrective services and identify opportunities for preventive work. It enables different actors to form a shared holistic picture of the well-being of children, young people and families in their area. Itla View collects observations sent by field actors on the daily lives of children and families. It utilizes artificial intelligence to…